Sabre Paints sponsoring Sylviesigns workshops

Esther North – Sylviesigns (@sylviesigns) is a signwriter based in Bedfordshire, UK, who’s hobby became a profession. She takes commissions, paints for fun and organises signwriting workshop. Esther recently tried our paints for her work, both Alphanamel and Alphakrylik. When we found out that she chose to use Alphakrylik for her signwriting workshops, we were very honoured. We thought she’s the right person to start a collaboration with, as we always liked her work, and now she likes our paint :), so we decided to sponsor her January Painted house number workshops – an introduction to sign writing” at Happydashery in Leighton Buzzard.

Each participant will receive two 2oz bottles of Alphakrylik paint by Alpha 6 Corporation, PLUS 10% off their first order from us. Spaces are really limited, so head over to Happydashery to book your spot now.

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