Specialty colors and other coatings for the hand-painted sign trade and graphic arts professionals.

For more than a century, sign painters and artists across the US have trusted the Ronan name for consistency and quality in specialty finishes. The company’s roots date back to 1889, when Thomas J. Ronan first made a name for himself as a paint salesman. Over time, he developed his technical knowledge and became an expert in varnishes and finely-ground pigments. He established the TJ Ronan Paint Company, specializing in coatings for artists, automobiles and industrial uses. A century later, Ronan Paints is recognized as a leader in sign paints, water-based coatings, Japan Colors, faux finishes and other specialty paint products. The company continues to introduce new technologies and more modern materials, while staying true to the tried-and-tested formulas that made the Ronan name what it is today.

Ronan Paints are now available in the UK and Europe via our website.

Ronan One-Stroke Lettering Enamel

Ronan Paints One-Stroke Lettering Enamel

One Stroke Lettering Enamel was the first lead free lettering enamel on the market. It is an extremely high hiding, high gloss paint specially formulated to meet the requirements of the sign industry for an easy working, one stroke enamel. It is designed to flow nicely, dry to a clean edge and leave no brush marks. These brilliant colors feature excellent gloss and superior durability with outstanding fade resistance for a beautiful, long-lasting finish. Ideal for signage, pinstriping and applications that require hand lettering.

Ronan Japan Colors

Ronan Japan Colors - finely ground, flat and quick drying paste paints

Ronan Japan Colors are finely ground, flat and quick drying paste paints, with a variety of uses in many different artistic and trade fields. Used in cabinet and furniture restoration, by scenic artists, signwriters and painters, it can be used for aging, faux finishes, glazing, marbling and creating effects such as dirt, smoke damage and wood grain.

Signwriters often benefit from their quick drying properties and the ability to use them on surfaces like paper, card, brick and plaster.

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