Alphanamel starter pack – signwriting and pinstriping enamel paint

Alphanamel Lettering Enamel is durable, opaque, enamel paint for professional pinstripers and sign painters. The single stroke coverage allows for faster drying times, a higher gloss finish and elimination of brush marks. Each bottle comes with Alpha 6 metal rattlers inside, that keep your paint stirred and ready with a simple shake of the bottle.

2oz starter pack includes: 4oz MCKEAG’S BLACK, 4oz ALPHA WHITE, 2oz ALPHA RED, 2oz MONSTER GREEN, 2oz ALPHA YELLOW, 2oz ALPHA BLUE

4oz starter pack includes: 8oz MCKEAG’S BLACK, 8oz ALPHA WHITE, 4oz ALPHA RED, 4oz MONSTER GREEN, 4oz ALPHA YELLOW, 4oz ALPHA BLUE

8oz starter pack includes: 8oz MCKEAG’S BLACK, 8oz ALPHA WHITE, 8oz ALPHA RED, 8oz MONSTER GREEN, 8oz ALPHA YELLOW, 8oz ALPHA BLUE

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Alphanamel signwriting and pinstriping paint range is made by Alpha6 Corporation. Scientifically formulated, mixed, and bottled in Detroit, Michigan, USA. The paint is field tested by the best names in pinstriping, sign painting, and graphic arts to ensure it’s quality for daily professional use. It is an alkyd lettering enamel, which will stand the tests of weather and time. Alphanamel dries glossy.

Alphanamel is a true artist’s paint. It is used by pinstripers all over the world. It is also a favourite of sign painters, who use it for indoor signwriting as well as outdoor signpainting. Known for it’s intense colours, durability and longevity, Alphanamel is by far the best lettering enamel and pinstriping enamel on the market. It can also be used as an airbrush paint. Many artists use Alphanamel as an outdoor mural paint or glass / window paint.

More about Alphanamel https://www.sabrepaints.co.uk/alpha6/.
Colourchart https://sabrepaints.co.uk/colourcharts/Alpha6_colourchart_in.jpg
Safety Data Sheets: https://alpha6corporation.com/sds/

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2oz – 56g, 4oz – 113g, 8oz – 226g


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