Alphakrylik Monster Pack – All 48 colours

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Weather resistant, fade resistant, high opacity, fast drying, and perfect for daily professional use indoors and out. The finest high pigment water-based Acrylic Paint you can buy! This water based paint dries matte. It can however, be clear coated to create a glossy finish. This paint is for use on outdoor murals, window splash, canvas work, airbrush, leather, etc.

Includes all 48 normal colours of Alphakrylik. Doesn’t include metallic or electroshock colours.

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Alphakrylik is a versatile paint for artists of many mediums. It is a water based acrylic paint that cleans up with soap and water. It has super intense pigment, and durability. Alphakrylik can be used by fine artists, who paint on canvas, window splash artists who paint on windows, garment and shoe artists, as well as sign painters. It is truly a professional artist’s paint but due to the easy clean up, can be used by anyone. Alphakrylik lasts for years on windows, signs and canvas.

Alphakrylik is scientifically formulated, mixed, and bottled in Detroit, USA by Alpha 6 Corporation. Alphakrylik is formulated with ground pigments rather than dyes in order to be more opaque to ensure single stroke coverage allowing for faster drying times, a higher opacity out of the bottle, better weather resistance outdoors.

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1 review for Alphakrylik Monster Pack – All 48 colours

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ty Jones


    After seeing some of my favourite artists online using these paints and the strength of colour they were achieving I decided to look up Alpha 6 Corporation who make Alphakylik fluid acrylics. I was surprised to find that they are pretty hard to get hold of in the Uk, so I was happy to find Sabre paints offers a large selection of both the AlphaEnamel and AlphKrylik paints.

    Ive spent the last couple weeks of trying out the AlphaKrylik range , putting them through their paces with a series of tests to see how they faired against my other fluid acrylics both on canvas and on thick pressed paper.

    First Impressions

    I was excited to receive my parcel of colours so quickly and couldn’t wait to examine the selection I had ordered. I got a good number of the 48 colour set and a few of the Neon range to see whether they stood up against my hodge podge of different brands that I have amassed in my palette up till now.

    The bottles felt like a quality product straight out of the box, they have a nice thickness to them and don’t fell like your going to dent them easily. As expected the colour and binder had separated a little in some of the lighter colours (this is sign of high quality paint so do not fear!) but after a shake they were fully opaque. The shape of the bottle is also handy as it means they all stack neatly together and don’t take up a lot of space.


    As hoped they were very bright and the different shades complement each other really well. Looking at the paint chart and online photos proved tricky to know exactly what colours to expect but what I did notice was that most were a tone or so darker than you might be expecting but were none the less really nice! Putting them down over a black base I was able to test how opaque they are, and I found that with the majority of colours one coat was enough to cover out anything underneath it, excluding the neon colours and both yellows (which was to be expected as both these colours work best over a white base). Two coats was 100% coverage on 9/10 of the colours and the pigment was really bright even over a black base.


    The first thing I noticed opening the bottles is that the viscosity of the paint was thicker than some of the fluid acrylics I currently own which have a milky / ink like texture. Alphakyliks I found where still very fluid but there was more volume to the paint (i guess due to the high pigment content). When trying them out with a paint brush I was able to get consistent coverage and even quick sharp strokes have a lot of control due to the consistency so paint stays in place once on the canvas. They blend really nicely and it was a joy mixing between similar shades and tones to get subtle clean gradients. I found it easier to blend the paint on the palette and then take the paint across to the canvas rather than mixing directly on the canvas as the paint does dry very quickly (2-3mins) so you have to be ready with your colours if your mixing wet.

    When trying it out with an airbrush I experimented with ratios of the Alphakrlik Reducer to get a good blend for spraying. I found that a ratio of 2:1 was sufficient and 3:1 the paint was very easy to put through the airbrush and there were no clogs or separationeration going on in the bowl. Through the brush the paint was still very good at coverage with the ability to fade in slowly or blast it on in one coat without too many problems.

    I also mixed with water and tried some washes and and they held colour really well and didn’t break up or dissipate like some other paints I have tried this with.


    I made up a swatch of all the paints to compare against my other paint brands (Liquitex, Golden, Angelus, Molotow) and this is what i found:

    Compared to the Liquitex paints the consistency was noticeably smoother and the colour put down a lot easy with the AlphaKrylik requiring half as many layers to get a strong colour. It also drys to a nicer finish with less brush strokes and matte finish.

    Against Golden the Colours had a lot more vibrancy and especially the yellows were significantly more opaque than the Golden Fluids. The Alphakrlik range colours next to each other popped off the page whereas the Golden colours were not quite as eye catching and even adding more layers didn’t get the desired effect.

    Although my Angelus Paints are for leather I was interested to see how they matched up. The paint was a similar thickness and laid down just as opaque as the darker Angelus colours i have. The colours were still a bit brighter with Alphakryliks but I don’t have enough Angelus paints to do a proper comparison.

    Up until Molotow has been my go to for fluid acrylics and when I compared the colours I noticed that a lot of the Molotow range is brighter colours and less shades of each colour. I tried to get at least a dark , medium and light tone of each of the colours I bought and I found in general the Alphakryliks were slightly darker but the colour shades complement each other more. The Molotows were also slightly less opaque and required more layers to get the same coverage.


    Im very impressed overall with these paints, they look amazing , they go on really nicely and they work really well through an airbrush. The pigment load is visibly denser than 90% of other paints Ive tried and the amount of layers required to get an even coverage is drastically less. They dry matte which is great and they are a joy to blend with. Compared with other brands of paint I have the difference is quite obvious and I think I will be using these paints from now on combined with Molotow paints for any colours I can’t mix with my Alphakryliks.

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