Dave Smith’s Gold Leaf Workshops

Dave Smith regularly holds Gold Leaf workshops at his studio in Torquay, Devon, where he teaches the techniques of glass decoration that he has researched over the last 35 years. Dave covers all of the required disciplines to execute an authentic “Victorian” reverse glass sign. You will leave the studio with a full palette of almost magical glass recipes, fully equipped to continue and develop this wonderful art form, and two beautifully framed mahogany glass signs, that you created during the course.

The workshops will include the following:

Decorative Paint Effects, Brilliant Cutting to add details to letter centres and corners of panels. Abalone application, Damar Varnish textures, Split blended Shades, Gold Leaf blending in oil size and water size, Screen Printing, Pictorial painting, glazes and mica effects, acid etching.

For more information, dates and prices, please visit Dave’s website: https://davidadriansmith.com/gold-leaf-workshops/

Alpha 6 Corporation, together with Sabre Paints are now supplying the whole range of Alphanamel paints for these workshops.

Here are some photos from Dave’s recent workshop on the 26th September 2020.

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