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Alphanamel Lettering Enamel is durable, opaque, high-quality enamel paint. It has been scientifically formulated to meet the needs of today’s professional pinstripers and sign painters. Made with ground pigments, rather than dyes to ensure single stroke coverage, faster drying times, higher gloss finish and elimination of brush marks.

It has bright vibrant colours, which can be mixed easily giving you a full colour palette to work with. Now available in 39 base colours, as well as Electroshock Fluorescents and Metallics.

The plastic bottles are great, as you are not wasting the large amounts of paint, we’re used to with conventional tins. Each bottle comes with Alpha 6 metal rattlers inside, that keep your paint stirred and ready with a simple shake of the bottle. They also pack together much better than round tins so are great for saving space.

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