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Alpha 6 Corporation manufactures professional quality lettering enamel paints, sign acrylics and custom tools for artists and craftsmen in the Pinstriping, Sign Painting, and Graphic Arts fields. They are based in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Their mission is to honour artists in the graphic arts medias by creating tools and paints that will help them to succeed.  By utilising fantastic team of artists, and listening to the feedback from customers, they continually ensure the high quality of their current products, as well as develop new ones.

Alphanamel and Alphakrylik are signwriting and pinstriping paint ranges made by Alpha6 Corporation. Scientifically formulated, mixed, and bottled in Detroit, Michigan, USA. The paint is field tested by the best names in pinstriping, sign painting, and graphic arts to ensure it’s quality for daily professional use.

Quality, durable, high pigment paints come innovatively packaged in bottles. Plastic bottles are great for avoiding paint spills and wastage. No skinning over, no fumbling around looking for an opener. With metal rattlers in each bottle just shake the bottle and flip the lid. Their square shape lets them sit together nicely making lots more space in your sign kit or on your shelf. Thanks to this design you’ll have more room in your kit for essential items like sunglasses and beer!

Custom tools are developed and designed to make the artist’s job easier, while giving them high quality long lasting tools they can rely on. Stainless Steel palettes, innovative brush mounts, mahl sticks, brush boxes, and more – all designed for and tested by our team of artists in the field. Palettes come in 3 different sizes and option for right handed and left handed artists, pencil extenders for Stabilo pencils, mini scraper, brush holders and other handy tools, mahl-sticks, brushes for signwriters and pinstripers, as well as reducers and hardeners for your paint.

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Alpha 6 Corporation paint ranges

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  • most durable enamel on the market
  • single stroke coverage
  • vibrant colours and high gloss finish
  • innovative bottle design

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Alphakrylik logo
  • high opacity acrylic paint
  • weather resistant, fade resistant
  • 36 bright, long lasting colours
  • innovative bottle design

Learn more about Alphakrylik

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